Why sleep training alone may not work long term

Some sleep training methods may appear to work for some children but many parent’s report that the sleep problem can reoccur at a later stage.

This regression may be due to other factors that have not been identified such as feeding, behavioural, developmental, environmental factors and supporting good attachments.

Part of my work involves reading, sharing and understanding the latest sleep support research that protects and nurtures a child’s emotional health. As more research is performed on child sleep challenges, it is becoming widely recognised that there are many other factors that can prevent a child from sleeping.

My sleep methods use a holistic approach and I make these recommendations as part of your personal sleep plan. I also incorporate a very gradual approach where your baby is not left to cry. The pace of this approach can be adapted in response to your baby’s cues so it’s flexible.

Most importantly, parent’s admit they need the emotional support to be able to adapt and understand their child’s behaviour. My training in solution focused support and elements of cognitive behavioural therapy can help parents feel confident and supported
while their child learns healthy sleep patterns.

The four hours additional service that is offered in follow up to my sleep packages, provides parents with the on going support they need for successful outcomes.

I also offer further advice in relation to diet, weaning and developmental milestones so my packages are fully comprehensive.

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