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I know how it feels to be sleep deprived and I will never forget it.

13 years ago (photo below) my daughter was born and the minute she entered her new world she cried and did not stop until the sun came up. Then she slept in between feeds until night again. This cycle of night time crying and daytime sleeping went on for a year. I was very junior in my child health professional role so I began learning and reading and trying to find solutions to child sleep challenges.

Now, after 17 years of practising as a health visitor – and talking to and working with hundreds of parents during that time – I’ve become aware that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to child sleep challenges. It is really normal and natural for babies to want to be close to their parents night and day.

So how do I help parents to help their child feel secure and content enough to go to sleep? And to sleep a healthy amount of hours in relation to their age?

My approach is responsive and holistic as sleep challenges appear for a multitude of reasons. Children are developing and growing continuously, and their brains and imaginations are trying to make sense of their world. This can be a confusing and emotional time for little ones and sometimes they are just reaching out for reassurance.

Sometimes the solution is to help children feel secure at night and feel they are able go back to sleep independently.

Other reasons can be habit and behavioural responses that parents give to the child on a repetitive basis. In this case all my support and help is delivered to the parent to resolve and change this.

My sleep plans are bespoke to the individual child’s emotional and physical health and my support is extensive so that parents feel they can make the changes that suit their own parenting style to enable sleep for the whole family!

I’m so happy to be able to say that so far I have 100% success rate of solving infant sleep challenges for children aged 0-5yrs.

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