My baby won’t eat from a spoon!

Are you tearing your hair out at meal times because your baby is not eating from a spoon? Try not to fret as your baby is actually reaching their developmental milestone.

From around 8-12 months of age this is a common eating behaviour in babies’ as they are pushing for independence and learning. Finger foods are the way forward when you are noticing this behaviour and you can still give nutritious foods but in a different way.

All vegetables can be cut into finger shapes and meat or fish can be mashed and put into parcels of bread, pitta or wraps. I even put a whole roast dinner  into a sandwich at one point and it worked a treat. Babies’ still love to play with a spoon so it’s fine to let your baby get used to holding a spoon and attempting to feed him/herself, as this allows that feeling of independence. If you are worried that your baby is not getting enough nutrients it’s fine to help out in a fun way without ccompletely taking over.

It is not essential for this age group to eat three full meals a day until after 12 months. After 12 months babies’ tend to start dropping their milk feeds when weaning has become fully established.

If your baby is on a food strike and refuses to eat then it will probably mean he or she is not hungry. Babies are amazing at regulating their food intake. If however you feel that your baby is not eating well for a long period or displays very difficult behaviour at meal times, than speak to your G.P or health visitor.

If you have a fussy eater than I would be happy to help as my food solutions really work.



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