Newborn Sleep Observations

Many parents struggle with their newborn babies sleep patterns but there are wonderful observation skills that parents can use, to help settle their baby.

Babies have the ability to habituate (shut out noise) but some babies may need a certain environment to help them sleep.

Some babies find it hard to habituate or self soothe so parents may need to create this environment for their little one to settle.

This newborn assessment which I have been trained in (Brazelton)…

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Wide awake children at bedtime

Some babies and children never appear tired at bedtime and seem almost hyperactive in the evening. It’s important to limit screen time throughout the day and to create quiet time after tea/dinner. Start the bedtime routine at least 30-45 minutes before sleep and keep to this routine daily. Hyperactivity at sleep time may be an indication that your child is lacking in sleep, so it’s vital to start the bedtime routines before they display signs of tiredness.  Babies and children that continue to struggle with sleep, may also display challenging behaviour and feeding difficulties. If you feel your child had sleep difficulties and you need gentle but effective sleep solutions contact me. I look forward to creating your personal sleep package. Watch this YouTube clip showing a baby that’s clearly not ready for bed.

I think my child is suffering from sleep terrors, what can I do?

Dream Sleepers - Crying ChildSleep terrors or night terrors are not harmful but can be disturbing for parents/carers to watch.

A sleep terror can happen at anytime from the age of 12 months and up.

Children begin suddenly screaming, shouting or crying and either be asleep, or have their eyes open but still in a dream state. Some children may get out of bed distressed and start walking around confused.

Sleep terrors can happen to children if they are

  • Anxious or stressed
  • In a new environment
  • Over tired
  • Sleeping with a full bladder
  • No bedtime routines

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Dummies and sleep

Dream Sleepers - dummies and sleepI always get asked this question; ‘is it ok to use a dummy?’

The answer depends on the age of the child and when the dummy is used.

Recently some studies have suggested that dummies can reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) in babies of 6 months and under.

Research has also shown that sucking on a dummy can have a calming and soothing effect on a baby.

Other studies however, state that dummies can have a negative effect as they mask infant feeding cues when breast feeding and lead to early weaning off the breast.

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Should my baby be sleeping through the night by now?

Dream Sleepers - sleeping babyMany parents ask me if their baby should be sleeping through the night.

Some parents are worried that their friends babies are sleeping through and feel that there may be a problem with their own child’s sleep pattern.

My first comment to this is that all children are different and some need more sleep than others.

Most importantly I always ask if a child is breast fed or formula fed?

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