Infant sleep challenges, which approach should you use?

There is so much advice out there in relation to child sleep difficulties but one aspect that is confusing is the right approach to use to help babies sleep. You may have read the latest advice from health/science journal’s stating that it is acceptable to move your baby to their own room at six months old, but it is also important to secure the attachment between baby and parent/s.

This can sound confusing and challenging when you are weary and sleep deprived. You feel guilty leaving your crying child who frequently wakes numerous times for no apparent reason, but you have no idea how to approach the sleep difficulties.

We know in health that the ‘Controlled Crying’ method may not be the best or most effective way of helping children to sleep even though no research has been conducted on these outcomes. How do we know what approach is best? Well research has been performed on healthy attachments and we are aware that children who feel secure are more likely to grow up emotionally stable. Bearing this in mind it makes sense to adopt an approach that supports this as much as possible for both parent and child, so to maintain healthy

The latest sleep advice incorporates a holistic approach and it involves looking at the bigger picture. We know that this approach may improve sleep long term as well as health outcomes.

And finally, it has been identified that infant sleep challenges are more likely to resolve if parent’s can choose how they prefer to approach the difficulties. This style and the current sleep advice is how I practice, which may explain why my approach works so well long term.

Infant sleep challenges can be complex but my skills, knowledge and onging support, provide you with the most superior service available.


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