Laura’s review

I just wanted to share my experience with Michelle.

My lb had not slept well since having tonsillitis at 7 months old. At 9 months we were seriously sleep deprived, trying to sell our house and prepare for moving on little or no sleep so i went through couple of sleep consultants websites and found Michelle’s. I had a 15 minute free consultation over the phone with her to discuss my lb’s sleeping pattern (not that there was one) and from speaking to her i felt so comfortable and she was great in calming me so I understood what things could have impacted him so i took the 30 min call package with her with a 7-10 day plan to use, and it could be used as well when we moved house.

2 months on my lb sleeps great most nights despite being disrupted due to moving house (our new house isn’t ready yet) and sleeps usually 7:30pm-4:30am (wakes for a bottle) then he sleeps on till 7:30/8am where when we go into him he is usually lying in his cot chattering away to himself.

She is a great person, so nice and helpful with full understanding of how even the smallest thing can cause disruption, what developmental leaps can impact as well as giving a sleep plan you can use whenever required.

She also looks into the nutritional and behavioural things that can impact sleeping so you know you aren’t failing or loosing your mind and are feeling calm and confident once your consultation is done.