Nicole Gaskill’s review

Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know about my experience working with Michelle Long at Dream Sleepers who I know regularly posts on here.

I was in a desperate situation a couple of weeks ago as my daughter was up for hours at a time during the night, needless to say myself and my partner were on the brink of insanity… Michelle created a package based on our situation and our daughters behaviour and unbelievably it worked from night one. With some tweaks to the night time routine she falls to sleep in minutes at night and is able to self settle if she does wake. Last night (day 13) was the only night I had to go in and settle her which I think was related to teething. I’m flabbergasted to be honest as I thought it’d be more of a slog than it was. I like the fact that Michelle is a qualified health professional too as it gives security to know that the advice she gives takes into account babies needs and wellbeing.

So if anyone is struggling, I’d give her a bell as it’s amazing to retrieve your evenings back and have a decent nights sleep 😊 Thanks Michelle 😘

Nicole Gaskill

Janurary 2017