It’s not just about the sleep

If I’m not a sleep trainer than who am I?

I am of course, a health visitor who has studied and solved sleep challenges for many years. But how is this different from a sleep trainer?

Firstly, I would like to say that my four year’s of studying infant health, stood me in good stead to understand what babies and children need to develop and thrive.

I ensure that my approach delivers the right age appropriate advice keeping in mind all the developmental milestones that can sometimes interfere with sleep.

Sleep training alone, may not protect the emotional health of your child therefore the sleep problem can reoccur.

Babies’ and children need to feel secure before they can adapt themselves to a new way of sleeping and my approach prepares your child emotionally before the sleep methods are put in place.

I have had years of sleep training and attend constant up dates of new research in breast feeding and support, (UNICEF Baby friendly) infant mental health, developmental reviews and solution focused support (helping parents feel confident to make changes).

I also have knowledge in all aspects of child health which will provide your family with gentle, healthy and nurturing advice to help your infant develop healthy sleep patterns.

And finally, I will support you throughout your families journey so you feel happy and confident to make the changes.

Happy sleeping

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