Nicole Yadid’s review

A happy client Nicole Yadid  this week.

TOP TIP!!!! If you are experiencing Baby/toddler sleep issues – I have to recommend Michelle Long she has literally changed my life. My 2 year old got in to the habit of insisting either my husband or I sit with him until he fell asleep every night and every daytime nap but would fight his sleep for hours and would scream the house down uncontrollably and indefinitely if we left the room. This went on for months and through some huge life changes for him (new nursery, new sibling etc) We have 2 other children so it wasn’t an option to allow this to continue but I don’t believe in ‘crying it out’ so was desperate for a solution.

I had ONE half an hour discussion with Michelle. She went away, put a plan together the same day and from that day we found solution entirely changing his behaviour. This lady is a professional health worker, NOT a sleep consultant – she understands the child’s needs, requests and behaviour to a degree I could only dream of. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Cecilia Wyndham’s review

Hi all, hope you don’t mind me posting a recommendation. I wanted to recommend Michelle Long from who is an experienced child health specialist. She’s helped me with my 17 month old who just kept waking up in the night. I thought the problem was diet related… however after working together and after she analysed my responses to my baby’s behavior we realised that there were more issues relating to the interrupted sleep, it wasn’t just about the pre bed time snack …. Michelle’s main work is to support and solve sleep, feeding and behavior difficulties and the fact she’s a trained health visitor really helped her get the route of the problem’
There has been lots of media attention regarding unregulated sleep trainers so Michelle was a great option as she ticks all the boxes. Can highly recommend. Good luck everyone!
Cecilia Wyndham November 2016

Maria’s review

I am writing  to  thank you for  all the great advice that you  gave me  with my little one.

He was very difficult  to sleep but since you have advised me  I feel  more confident and my baby is more relaxed.

Thank you again and I hope you keep  helping others the same way that  you  did with us.  Maria  September 2016

Dreamsleepers review – July 2016

“I was always dreading the weaning age as my first child never ate huge amounts and the only foods she would eat were plain pasta and yogurt. DD however was fine up to age 22 months. She decided at this age to only eat chips, meat and rice cakes. Constipation became an issue which made the problem worse. I decided to ring Michelle and a achievable plan was made. I realised that my anxiety was half the problem.

Michelle talked me through some strategies that I could use for relieving my food related worries. With this new confidence I felt ready to focus on the food challenges. DD is now eating most of the food I give her and I no longer stress when she doesn’t feel like eating, as I know she is a healthy weight.” – July 2016

Dreamsleepers review – July 2016

“My little boy’s terrible sleep patterns started when he went to nursery for the first time. I had to go back to work when he was 6 months old. I run my own business so my life tends to be pretty busy and sometimes chaotic. I couldn’t work out if the sleep was affected by nursery or just routines at home. DS was having such broken sleep and so was I. Life was becoming unbearable and mealtimes were also becoming a challenge.

I spoke to Michelle on the phone and she established that I may need support and help in weaning, parenting and sleep routines. Michelle’s approach to everything was thorough, nurturing, clear and concise. Once I had tackled some of my son’s emotional issues (which was so unclear to read at first until Michelle identified some triggers) the weaning improved, then the sleep followed. It was a miracle and I can’t thank Michelle enough.” – July 2016

Katherine’s review

“DD slept amazingly from birth only feeding 3hrly, then sleeping for 5 hrs at night time. The problem arose when we moved house and she was 18 months old. DD had a new room and bed which we felt was wonderful. Unfortunately DD did not settle and we were clueless what to do. We borrowed a few books from friends and asked everyone for tips, but unfortunately everyone’s advice did not help and I couldn’t understand why? My mood started to suffer and I began to give up.

Finally I decided to ask for help, so I contacted Michelle who was amazing. She inspired confidence in me with her knowledge and specialist skills. She changed my negative thoughts and helped me alter some routines. This type of support and guidance is something which you can take away, it creates a new strength, something which I never felt I had.” – Katherine June 2016

FD’s review

“My little monkey of a son had never been a great sleeper and frequently came in to our bed in the night when we were fast asleep. My partner had had enough as our son was 3 years old. We felt that this pattern may continue for a long time if we didn’t take action. The advice and support I received from Michelle was intensive and encouraging.

I felt in control and Michelle always ensured that I was happy with the recommendations. I saw changes in my son’s sleep from day 3 and by day 7 he wasn’t even attempting to get out of bed. He is now an independent sleeper and sleeps all night till 7am.” – FD June 2016

JS’s review

“I was reluctant at first to ask for help with my 8 week old baby girl and was unsure what were normal or abnormal sleep patterns. After night time feeds she would only go back to sleep for 20 minutes then feed again. I was up all night, frantic.

Michelle was understanding and really listened to my problem. I was supported weekly with some simple sleep strategies that I would have never thought of. This was 3 months ago and DD is sleeping for 6 hours in the night and I feel human again. I think this is the best service ever!” – JS April 2016